What happened in FestShortBerlin2016…

Here the week recap of our Festival !

Thank you all for coming, participate and support us !
You could discover our screenings, workshops, play, reading and concerts !
Without you, #FSB2016 would have not been possible !

Special thanks to : Bella Brasil Berlin, Kino Babylon, Acud Theater, LA MAISON DU FILM COURT, Spud Bencer,Not Only Jazz and, LePetitJournal.com Berlin, Weinerei, Centre Français de Berlin and Kisuna.

And also to our artists : Fasto Art, Jordan Beswick, Natasha Mashkevich,Diego Escobar Richard Rechtman and Chester Lukas Harlan.

The directors : Jan Luck Levasseur, Alexis Michalik, Guillaume Renusson, Maimouna Doucouré, Landowski Stéphane, Giedrus Tamosevicius, Christopher Radcliff, Jean-Bernard Marlin, Arnaud Sadowski, Camille Delamarre,Thierry Lorenzi and Alexis Guerchovitch, Olivier Ayache-Vidal

Productions : Karé Productions, Adastra Films, FullDawa, Bien ou Bien Distribution,

See you next year !!

FestShortBerlin’s Team


Awards results !

After two nights of screenings the jury made their decision :

Screen Shot 2016-05-26 at 11.14.10

Best Script : "Jonathan's Chest" 

Best Director : Alexis Michalik for "Au Sol"

Best Actress : Sokhna Diallo from "Maman(s)"

Best Music : "A ses enfants la patrie reconnaissante"

Best Actor : Loïc Cobery from "La nuit tous les chats sont roses"

Best Film's Jury / Best Film's Audience : "La nuit tous les chats sont roses"


Last Trailers this WEEK !!! La fugue & Jackie

This is the last trailers before the beginning of FSB 2016 !

Trailer 1 : Jackie
by Giedrius Tamosevicius

Tom has a daughter. He can’t see her when he wants so he will do something crazy…


He’s  Lithuanian  who started as an informatics specialist and became a director. Discover more about Giedrus Tamosevicius

Trailer 2 : La Fugue
by Jean-Bernard Marlin

A tour in the south of France, in Marseille districts…


Graduated from the Ecole Louis Lumière and the FEMIS Screenplay Workshop,
discover Jean-Bernard Marlin

Trailer this week !!! Jonathan’s chest & La vie comme elle vient

Trailer 1 : Jonathan’s chest
by Christopher

During he was sleeping, Alex finds again his brother in his room. He will have to face a choice.


A filmmaker from New-York City. He was a participant in the 2012 Berlinale Talent Campus Script Station.

More about Christophe Radcliff

Trailer 2 : La vie comme elle vient
by Arnaud Sadowski

A beautiful love story was born by coincidence. Benjamin and Clémence meet and everything change in their life.


He is director, scriptwriter. His film won the prize of woman interpretation in Festival « Les Herault du Cinéma »!

More about Arnaud Sadowski


Trailer this week !! Welcome to China by Olivier Ayache-Vidal

Where is Gad ? Gad is in our Festival !

For the French People, Gad Elmaleh is a famous French stand-up comedian. Olivier was collaborated in Welcome to China (selection of FSB short film competition 2016)

Synopsis : When Gad Elmaleh agreed to be the guest star of a karaoke in China but can’t go, he has to ask his brother to go for him. Will someone recognize it ?

*available the trailer in french



He is a French writer, reporter, photograph and film director!
He worked with Omar Sy and Elmaleh’s brother!

More about Olivier Ayache-Vidal


Trailer this week !!! ON/OFF & À ses enfants la patrie reconnaissante

Trailer 1 : ON/OFF
by Thierry Lorenzi

After she received a mysterious voice message, Meredith, an astronaut, will try to have an answer for it.

DIR11After studying “Technology Service and Communication Network” and “Technical of Picture and Sound”, he created his own company “Black Box Production” with a producer, Julien Renaud.

More about Thierry Lorenzi

Trailer 2 :  À ses enfants la patrie reconnaissante
by Stéphane Landowski

Paul, sculptor, is a man who is looking for his life… One day he will find a monument, which maybe will bring him back his life.


DIR2He’s passionate about history and stories and wanted to tell his stories.

More about Stéphane Landowski